Humiliation – Laughing Wall EP + The Brain – S/T 7″ Out now.


Ayyyy.  So i’ve been working on these records for a while and they are finally here.

The Brain from Toronto

Humiliation out of Phoenix, AZ.


Very proud of how these records turned out.  They sound and look amazing.

Currently I am working on a tape for Preen out of Philly and a single for The Make-Overs from South Africa.  Keep checking in as i’ll update as stuff is ready to be released.  Also Im always interested in putting out new and unique things.  Email me tracks and ideas or mail me a demo.

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Eric HFI
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Yo Hippies. Throw out your Nag Champa. Ditch your crystals. 86 Gemini – S/T 7″ is the only thing you need for spiritual enlightenment. Four Bhramari in the D-Beat citation. Listen now of forever miss out on transcending the ethical.

Buy here: 86 Gemini – 7″

Rash LP

So Its been two years since I’ve updated the site. Since then I released a 2nd and Final Acousma 7”, Disgusti – Thousand Prickly Needles 7”, UV-TV Demo, Video Duct – Anti Human Hate CS and Total Dicks demo which are al still available.
On December 2nd the Rash – Skinner Box LP will be available. Their first official release in 3 years. Its been at the plant for almost a year so finally it will see the light of day.

Currently at the pressing plant are a 86 Gemini (Chicago) 7” and The Brain (Toronto) 7”. Those should be out early 2017 and we’ll see what other things can be worked out.

I’m always looking to put out new stuff so you can email me music or mail me stuff.

Valenteens & Disgusti

So this update has been a long time coming. Works been crazy and haven’t been able to find the time to do this but here it goes. So I believe in May I released both The Valenteens- Fun in the Sun 7” and the Disgusti- Demo 7”. Both I believe to be great and are at totally different ends of the spectrum. I have some things planned/talked about/in the works/ hypotheticals so stayed tuned. I can announce for sure I will be releasing a Rash 7” , Nubiles 7”

Buy the demo from the band. I will be getting some in my distro sometimes soon as well as a shame pile of other things I should of put up and haven’t had the chance so that will be trickling out in the upcoming weekends.

Hopefully with the release of the Rash 7” they will be planning a east coast tour so if you are interested in booking the band email me,

Check back. I might post something else sometime in the future, maybe.


Hello. This is High Fashion Industries, a DIY label run out of Chicago. I am happy to announce that today we have released the Acousma S/T 7″ as well as the RASH demo. This is the start of what I am hoping will be a steady stream of eclectic releases. You can listen to songs off of each release on the releases page, or visit the High Fashion Industries bandcamp or tumblr page.

Feel free to send demos and other mail to:
Eric Frankel
2048 N Albany
Chicago, IL 60647

In other news, Acousma is planning a spring tour through the wilderness of Canada into the United States of America. RASH will be playing a show in St. Louis on 01/19/2014 with BURN/WARD (RVA), Maximum Effort, and Violations. Also a 7″ from The Valenteens is in the works and should be out in the next few months, as well as some other cute releases.

That’s all for now.